we are a full service advertising agency.
we specialize in connecting brands to consumers.

For more than 30 years, Marin Media Group has created highly effective direct, digital and retail campaigns that get results. We know how to attract customers and we know how to keep them. We provide effective solutions with out expertise in strategic marketing, advertising, print & digital media with beneficial results.

we are very passionate about what we do.
our work says a lot about us.

We are a passionate group of individuals who work on the premise that every idea can be challenged to bring way to newer and better solutions. We strive to help our clients build their business and connect to customers through innovative and strategic thinking.


we are brand and retail
transformation specialists.

We challenge your thinking and help you discover opportunities that did not exist before. We will direct you in new directions to take your business and help you find the right solution that will have the most beneficial results. We help companies differentiate themselves from their competition.


symbol_0005_Layer 1 ADVERTISING

Our creative teams consists of individual who are experienced in various aspects of advertising. Precisely why, our digital department is integrated with our main creative department. This ensures consistency of message and tone for all the components of the campaign – print, digital and experiential marketing.
symbol_0004_Layer 2 DIGITAL SERVICES

Marin Media Group has a team of web designers and developers that caters to client-specific digital services, including web design and development, digital ads and web analytics. We collaborate with SEO and SEM companies to effectively accomplish the goals of a digital campaign.
symbol_0003_Layer 3 RETAIL SERVICES

With our retail clients, we have extensive experience in point of purchase, product and package design, trade shows, contests, sales material design, annual reports, magazines, publications and other collatetal.
symbol_0002_Layer 4 STRATEGIC PLANNING

With brand and digital planners working together, our planning department develops strategies, provides insightful solutions and prepares creative briefs to ensure that the campaign is effective from concept development to execution.
symbol_0001_Layer 5 SOCIAL MEDIA

Our team strives to create social media strategies that align perfectly with the brand message. Our Services include: strategies, creative frameworks for social platforms, community management, content creation, monitoring and analytics.
symbol_0000_Layer 6 ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT

Every account is handled by an account manager to take care of day-to-day operations and assist with clients needs. Account Management along with the Strategic Planning helps us to stay on top of all campaign objectives as well as deadlines.

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