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  • With our help, you don’t need to fear your competitors. Our team can equip your brand to attack the competition head on, we can help you to outthink your competition to compete with less, or we can help you to adjust your focus and prosper in a market where your competition can not. Every scenario is different, and we will help find the strategy that is right for you.

  • We understand the challenges your organization faces and that is why we take it upon ourselves to enhance your thinking and help you discover opportunities that did not exist before. Our goal is to guide your business to success by identifying and executing the right solution to your challenges. We will help you to unleash your brand, connect with consumers, and amplify your sales in ways you did not see before.

  • There are different ways to improve your ROI. Returns can include increased profits, reduced expenses or intangible benefits such as improved operating efficiencies or increased brand awareness. Clearly defining your goals and setting as many quantifiable benchmarks as possible will help you increase the payback on the different initiatives you take to improve your company.

  • There are ways to put a stop to the seemingly endless slip into margin erosion, discounting, and price war; and Marin Marketing can help you to find the one that is right for your organization. Our strategic team will identify the root of these trends and implement a plan that seeks to avoid or remove them by redirecting your marketing and sales efforts. The ability to adapt and reposition is the key to success.

  • All organizations begin with a spark or an idea that evolves and shapes itself into its current state. Companies often drift away from the aspects of that original spark that defined them and made them great. It is our job to find that original spark and bring it back to the forefront. We do this by updating that spark to reconnect your brand with your modern ideal customer, but nonetheless your originality and uniqueness remains at the core.

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  • We begin with a consultation to understand your perspective of your brand, your customer, and the competitive landscape. At this stage we’ll identify core campaign necessities such as budget, resources, timelines and constraints. Any necessary market research that must be done in order to achieve your marketing objectives are planned and executed at this stage.

  • With a firm understanding of your business, target customer and the competitive landscape, a unique marketing strategy is then crafted to position your brand. We will develop and recommend a campaign focus that delivers your core brand messaging straight to the hearts and minds of your target consumers driving them to action.

  • Your brand image directly influences how you will be perceived by consumers – everything from who will connect with you to how much value do they see in your products and services. We ensure that every aspect of your brand is aligned to convey a coherent message of who you are and what you are all about to your specific target customer.

  • Next, we will develop and distribute your brand’s content through the appropriate channels, touch points, and mediums necessary to reach your target audience. We utilize knowledge, intuition, and technology to build and expand a relationship between your brand and the consumer.

  • The ability to assess and measure the impact of a campaign in real time is the key to delivering maximum results. Our quick access to both qualitative and quantitative data throughout your campaign enables us to adjust and tweak our tactics to ensure success. Results are our primary concern just as they are yours, and we are keen to analyze and review campaign effectiveness with our clients.


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  • You can trust Marin Marketing’s reputation for branding and positioning to create relevant experiences that your target audience will remember. Once a strategy has been made, we reach your consumers with innovative and effective campaigns across multiple channels to reinforce your brand identity and promote your product or service.

    Our brand positioning services include

    • Brand strategy development
    • Competitor analysis
    • Target profile research
    • Brand consultations
    • Positioning strategy development
    • Establish brand voice

  • Social media has changed the relationship between brands and consumers to a two-way dialog. With Marin Marketing’s team of experts, you can guide the conversation. We help you employ strategies to convert customers into dedicated brand advocates. We also measure and analyze online activity regularly and perform post-analysis to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

    Our social media advertising services include

    • Social campaign development
    • Content strategy
    • Community management
    • Post planning and scheduling
    • Page monitoring
    • Brand listening
    • Reporting and analysis
    • Application design and build

  • Today’s consumer lives in a digital world – that’s why digital strategy forms the basis of every brief at Marin Marketing. With our team of designers, developers and user-experience experts, we deliver creative and integrated campaigns across all media channels to get your prospects interacting with your online presence.

    Our digital marketing services include

    • Digital strategy
    • Responsive website design
    • E-commerce
    • Front and back end development
    • Content management systems
    • Mobile sites and applications
    • Content copywriting
    • Email marketing
    • SEO strategy
    • Adwords and PPC advertising
    • Online display advertising

  • Marin Marketing has always strived for creative solutions that deliver results. We know how to direct website traffic and get your phone ringing so you can hear the “cha-ching” of the cash register! Every step of the consumer process is considered before a sale is made.

    Our marketing and advertising services include

    • Advertising strategy and planning
    • Creative and design development
    • Channel planning
    • Art direction
    • Media strategy and planning
    • Media buying and monitoring
    • Promotional campaigns
    • Public relations
    • Event creation/management

  • Marin Marketing offers a full scale of in-house services to meet your needs. From strategy, creative development, and customer experience, to implementation and performance measurement in traditional and digital media, our wide range of abilities can maximize your ROI and the effectiveness of your campaign.

    The benefits of having everything done in-house include

    • Faster workflow and decisions
    • Integrated solutions
    • Effective cost control
    • Efficient project management
    • Seamless integrated messaging/imagery
    • Your own dedicated team

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We are passionate about our work.

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How Branding Affects A Company’s Long-Term Success

Many companies underestimate the power of branding. They treat it as an afterthought in their business plan and focus instead on product development, finances, operations, sales and more.

Consumer is King and you are at his mercy

The balance of power has shifted. Modern consumers have decided to shutout traditional advertising techniques and utterly disregard the billions of dollars worth of messaging that advertisers have been steadily bombarding them with for decades.

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Ross Marin


As a motivational speaker and professional business consultant, Ross Marin has helped 100’s of small and medium sized businesses reach their next level by passing along his experience and providing support and encouragement.


Andy Tetford

Brand Strategist

Andy is a budding marketing strategist with a knack for cause and effect style thinking. Market research, brand strategy development, and communicating "big ideas" are his specialties.


Sonia Ciampa

Account Executive

Sonia ensures customer satisfaction by managing clients’ day-to-day services and acquisitions. Clients can always count on her to respond proactively to requests. She’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure a client’s campaign objectives are met.


Alba Colonna

Account Executive

Alba works proactively with the creative team and the client to develop and implement marketing strategies that produce results. Keeping the client informed in all phases of an existing project as well as make recommendations for potential future projects is her forte.


Benoit Dion

Creative Director

Benoit Dion has been an advertising creative, art director and storyteller for over 20 years. In this time, he has amassed a diverse array of abilities – from campaign development and corporate branding to team management and digital, to name a few. He credits his innate enthusiasm for his ever-expanding skill set.


Kevin Alli

Art Director

With over 10 years of experience in multimedia design, Kevin Alli has an intuition for marketing solutions that creatively and strategically engage consumers. Possessed by an insatiable curiosity, he considers every moment in life as an opportunity to improve one self – personally, spiritually and professionally.


Enrico Sacchetti

Web Developer

Enrico is multifaceted developer with a mission to untangle online information systems and produce jank-free experiences. From being a programming polyglot to an interface tamer, no projects are impossible to forge, and no possibilities are finite.


Amanda Emanuele

Graphic Designer

Armed with a high-level proficiency in all sorts of design software, Amanda’s fresh perspective lets her explore a wide range of creative styles. She can effortlessly adapt a brand across traditional and digital mediums and her cheerful outlook sees every brief as a way to broaden her design knowledge.


Noel Matta


Noel Matta is a T-shaped copywriter with an educational background in Creative Advertising, English Literature and New Media Studies. Writing has always been his life and he is on a never-ending quest for human truths that simultaneously relate to both a product’s core values and its audience’s deepest desires.



For more than 30 years, Marin Marketing has created highly effective direct, digital and retail campaigns that get results. We know how to attract customers and we know how to keep them. We provide effective solutions with our expertise in strategic marketing, advertising, print & digital media with beneficial results.

We are a passionate group of individuals who work on the premise that every idea can be challenged to bring way to newer and better solutions. We strive to help our clients build their business and connect to customers through innovative and strategic thinking.

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